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About This Collection

The Heraldic Art Library of Emblazons is a collection of illustrations of the arms and badges of SCA branches, orders, and offices.


This web site's overal design and supporting software are Copyright © 2019 by Matthew Cavalletto.

This collection includes elements created by many different people, some specifically for this site and some as part of other projects. Each page containing third-party illustrations identifies the original illustrator.

The original creators each retain their copyright in the individual illustrations contained herein, but have agreed to share them under terms that allow their free non-commercial use within the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

For commercial or non-SCA use of these images, you should contact the creators of the elements you wish to use for permission, as several of them require attribution for use outside of the SCA, require approval for derivative works, or limit their work’s use in commercial contexts.

Additionally, all heraldic registrations of Society branches are considered service marks of the SCA. Depending on the manner in which you plan to use an image, you may need to contact a branch for permission to use their arms or badges.