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Kingdom of the East

Sovereign's Arms

King of the East

Purpure, within a laurel wreath vert fimbriated Or, an eastern crown of three grand points tipped with pearls and two lesser points, all Or.

Emblazons by Edward of Effingham, by Mathghmahain Ua Ruadháin

Royal Consort's Arms

Queen of the East

Purpure, an Eastern Crown within a wreath of roses Or, barbed vert seeded gules.

Emblazon by Mathghmahain Ua Ruadháin

Office Badge

Minister of Lists

Per fess argent and azure, a quill pen fesswise and a tilting lance fesswise reversed counterchanged.

Emblazons by Mathghmahain Ua Ruadháin, by Vémundr Syvursson

Populace Badge

Populace Badge

A tyger passant azure.

Emblazons by Eldrich Gaiman, by Genovefa Clerica

Branch Badge

East Kingdom's Southern Army

Azure, five mullets of six points in cross Or.

Emblazon by Mathghmahain Ua Ruadháin